Saturday, March 28, 2009

World Major Stock Markets Open Time

There are a few stock markets in the world consider as MAJOR because their market value is more than USD 1,000 billions.  Its could be useful to understand which of these major markets open first and see how they affect each other.

Earth turns from west to east so we see sky moving from east to west.  By world definition, earth day starts from GMT +/- 12 which is somewhere near Hawaii.  Moving west the first continent see the first day light of a particular day would be Australia ...

So the first markets that open on earth are Australia and Japan, followed by ChinaHong KongItalyEnglandSpainGermany and finally Nasdaq and NewYork.

These are some of the key data ...

( blue highlight the smallest figures and
red highlights the highest figures
click on the picture to see larger view )

Notice the market start time is reference with GMT where GMT 0 is at London, England.  So at exactly midnight in London, Australia market opens, vice versa for all the other markets.  In short, all these world markets cover GMT 0 to 21.  Active Internation speculators / traders may rest for 3 hours a day :)

Applying these world MAJOR markets and its opening time, I finally fine tune my 1view world market into the following.

The toughest market to work with are Italy, Span and Germany because they are not English based and I don't speak their languages yet.

I think so far not many people find it useful yet but if you do, do leave some comments, thanks !


Anonymous said...

What do you think the Fed purchase MBS & treasury?

Mt. said...

sorry not much comment except that is good for the people 'now' by paying the price of future