Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malaysia drags down the whole world

last 36 hours of world stock market movement attracted my interest.

As of yesterday all markets have been been going up for about a week following USA's tiny bull moment.  Japan was still going up and strong yesterday.  Then Malaysia market ( the next market opened after Japan) openned and dipped south.  Followed closely by Jakarta, India and then London, following the sequence of market opens.  USA cann't escape the curse by Malaysian and started to go down as well.  As of this morning after one big round, Japan market also openned lower right now.  So seeing the trend as a round the clock cycle, it seems to me that Malaysia has dragged down the whole world ... kind of feel quite powerful as a small country after all, don't we ?  :)

I have this impression after building a simple eye view on the world market in the sequence of market opens so that I can see how other countries market were doing before and after Malaysia open.


Anonymous said...

I can see you have very good financial knowledge, salute you sir.
I am 26. Honestly I have nothing, no saving, no portfolio. I want to start but i dont know how, do you have any advice for me?

Mt. said...

start with saving automatically a fix amount from your salary, ie setting up a standing instruction to do that. If need more help email me, I am in the midst of setting up a few more auto-save accounts in near future, I can share more exactly which banks I use etc.

ABOUT ME said...

I am Kevin, from the

Are you a broker ?

I think you are familiar with stock market, but you are always forget the risk of market.

Nowadays, stock market are lost control, somethings up somethings down.

Mt. said...

no I am not a broker

risk in stock market is really no different than the risk of crossing a road. some are kampung roads, some are high way, a smart investor only deal with the ones they know. Other investors deal with unknown are open to an unlimited risk with the potential to earn limited income (more info here)

market doesn't lost control, its always up and down. its the people in it who lost control.

forex-tiwisue said...

Wau! Thanks for sharing, I don't know about this. Michael Tsen, I agree with you, people control the market, the market won't operate itself. So, should be people lost control not market lost control.

Mt. said...

indeed if all the small players join force, the rich speculator doesn't even stand a chance, but human traits wouldn't let that happen :)