Sunday, February 13, 2011

Malaysia Best Rates 2011 Feb 13 update

Fix Deposit

Honestly, after tracking the rates for years. Affin bank is the bank to go with if you want the highest FD rate. Be it 1 month or 12 months, just go with Affin bank.

Check this site often, I shall let you know when this trend changes.

Base Lending Rate

ALL local banks stand at 6.3% now with Bank of Tokyo and Royal Bank of Scotland offers the lowest at 6.0%.

Saving Accounts

Bangkok Bank offers 1.85%

Bank of Tokyo, Bank of Nova Scotia offers 1.75%

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Car Loan : NEW Car

Maybank continues to offer the lowest car loan rate starting from 2.7%. However, this is NOT a standard rate apply to all applicants. The actual rate can range up to 4.3%.

Bank Muamalat offers 2.85% for both New and Used cars but it requires an admin charges of RM600.

Car Loan : Used Car

Bank Muamalat offers 2.85% but requires admin charges of RM600.

CIMB offers 3.25% used car loan rate.

Don't forget Car Loan rate is Fix Term Rate
which is effectively a MUCH HIGHER
than variable term rate
like House Loan and Fix Deposit.

House Loan

There are too many factors in considering a good house loan, so we don't think its fair to simply summarize them here.

Our advice is to source for at least 3 offers, preferably a mix of local and foreign banks.


ChampDog said...

Finally, I have added this widget into my blog. Check out my latest post! :) Thanks, Cool widget!

Anonymous said...

this is bullshit...i just called CIMB on the used car interest rate, and they told me the best they can offer me is 3.9%. eventhough i am an existing account holder in this bank..

Anonymous said...

I just contacted CIMB, their rate is 4.1% for 5 yrs and 4.6 for 3 yrs!

Mt. said...

thank you for the update, the rate was obtained from Bank Negara web site and may not apply to all situation yes.