Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maybank : Premier Capital Income True Saver

full plan details at maybank2u site

This seems like the plan that break one of the rule of thumbs I have been sharing all along

All kind of guarantee plan will not have interest higher than FD rate

Lets take a quick look on what it offers

So basically if you put in $80,000 you will get $100,000 insurance coverage.  Assuming this insurane coverage would cost you $340, then effectively this plan is giving you a guarantee compound rate of 3.87%

Higher Than today's FD at 2.7%

If you don't really need the insurance or you don't want to consider that.  Then your effective rate is 3.44% return.

So the next time an insurance agent is selling you guarantee return plan, make sure you compare with this plan.

Even though this plan does BREAK my 1st rule of thumb but it didn't break my 2nd one.

I did say if there is a plan that can offer higher than FD rate, it will be closed down by Bank Negara very soon.  Indeed Maybank knows this very well so they say this is a LIMITED OFFER only and it will be closed down after 10 April !

If you read the detail page, it also say Fund Size 150 million.  So effectively this is really NOT an insurance plan.  This is a Mutual Fund comes with combined insurance coverage.

Another derived message you can get out of this plan is that the largest bank in Malaysia is telling you that they think your mutual fund can easily give you a guarantee return of 3.8% in 8 years time.

Which is kind of a no brainer because 8 years from now, the stock market will most probably peak at its next bull run.

Just in case you did miss the 10 April deadline, don't worry, this kind of plan is always available at

only without the word "guarantee".

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