Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Malaysia Personal Finance Web Sites

This is not a web site review, just some personal notes scribbled down by some Malaysian web browsers. You should consider all content here fictional :)

Meshio has been the top of Malaysia Personal Finance web site for quite some time now. The main reason is that Yow Chuan, the founder, is really a smart guy. Not only does he provide all rounded services and products, his blog also covers the most complete info for 'personal' level. He is one of the few Malaysian who possess both great skills in personal finance and internet marketing.

Meshio's foundation is insurance. is one of the best online insurance portal ever created for Malaysian. You can buy most of the 'cheap' insurances online right there. Or at least know the existence of these plans. I am not sure why its not strongly promoted from meshio blog. The only draw back of this portal is not an instant processing site nor does it accept payment online using credit card. ( which I believe is due to restriction from the governing bodies )

FinancialPlanningMalaysia is another well compiled site with a lot of great fundamental stuff about finance planning. However, its not specifically target on Personal finance. Author's background is accounting and shared a lot on stock investment later on. Unfortunately this site has not been updated for sometime now.

MalaysiaPersonalFinance spotted the 3rd place from google search on Malaysia Personal Finance at the time of this article. It is also the only site that still does not have its own easy-to-remember domain name. Unlike the other 2 web sites, this site did not try to compile a full list of info but rather focus sharing on the pit falls, paradox ... stuff that may either totally wake you up one day or totally disgust you on another. The stuff on this blog may makes more sense after one has done some finance planning and looking for ways to further optimize the plan.

YKConsultancy is the only site that is not blog oriented. It doesn't have updated contents and you cann't get any services there neither. So its just a dying site waiting for its expiration in 2010.

I remembered saying KCLau is the mother of all Malaysia Personal Finance bloggers. Don't get the wrong impression that this blog has 'dropped' in the ranking, its just the way google rank stuff where paid article write up is dis-credited in google algorithm. Till this very minute, KC Lau is still the key person getting all Malaysia Personal Finance online writters together to provide better content for everyone every day. If Malaysia's Personal Finance industry is to evolve into an open and transparent sharing ground, kclau is still our best hope to get us there.

liewcf, the father of Malaysian bloggers, does not really write much about personal finance but he was interviewed by Personal Money and that article is still circling around since 2005. Now you see how powerful he can be ? Not to mention one of his creation, MalaysiaBlogger, also appears on 1st result page.

Below list did not show up on 1st result page but worth mentioning as they have great content and most probably relevant to you if you manage to read until here ...
FinancialIndepedant is a real time blog on how, champdog, a young man makes his way to finance independance and until today, he is still on track !!

CarsonDing was promoting unit trust in his blog but recently focus more on gold as gold is the best remedy during recession. Carson is one of the few who shares with you his prediction without fear of being wrong at times.

MalaysiaFinance is the advance site for personal finance but a MUST read blog for investor, speculator. Imagine even foreign fund managers sometimes pick up tips from here too. The only draw back is most of the methods shared in this blog are not excersiable within Malaysia but rather at international level. This is also one of the unique site where it employs Play Boy style of layout.

I think Alchemist is a student writting down what he learned. Up to now, there are some technical analysis talks there.

Dave's Corner is one of those long time blog but I didn't make it to stay with. Mainly because it is talking more on money making ideas and most ideas are not permanently exercisable. But you can get to know what he is up to recently !

FatherSez writes about kids finance and truthful sharing on his learning.

So ... what are your picks ? What are the great web sites you like and not mentioned here ? Do share in comments area so other readers can benefit from it too !!

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Father Sez said...

Thanks for the mention, Michael. I have not heard about some of the other blogs that you have mentioned. I'll look them up.


Mt. said...

my pleasure, glad someone can use this list.

Anonymous said...

I have been using to manage my personal finances for a few months now. Its the easient to use offline personal finance manager I have seen so far.

Anonymous said...

can i know are mint available in Malysia

Mt. said...

not yet and they have no plans to integrate with Malaysia's system sorry.