Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Perfect World

In a perfect world, everyone produce something.

Farmers grow plants, feed chickens, fishermen catch fish, builder made homes etc. So we can sit together at night and enjoy a complete dinner in our nice homes. It was easy to know who is suppose to do what, who produces what.

When there are too many fish caught, it has to be sold out of town. The fisherman doesn't have time to travel that far. So a delivery boy is helping the fisherman. The fisherman save time, hence catch more fishes and therefore its worth him paying the delivery boy. It is a value added chain, so service has become a part of perfect world too where everyone produce something, everyone produce some values.

It gets a bit complicated cause service is not as easy to quantify as materials. But its still ok.

A $1 fish may cost $2 in out of town because there are delivery cost incurred.

Soon more delivery services are needed. It is not easy to decide which of the 100 delivery boys is most reliable. So a manager came and organize a delivery company. The fisherman no longer need to worry about delivery, the delivery company will handle and be 'responsible' for the delivery part. If any single delivery boy does not perform, the company will immediately replace with a better one. Fish still reach destination on time. The fisherman doesn't need to worry a thing. What the management provided is a service on a service, there is still value provided.

Now the fish is $3 in out of town. The manager needs to eat too.

The fisherman's business grow much larger thanks to the great leveraging techniques. One day, the fisherman's primary school friend drop by and have a nice chat with the fisherman, asking the fisherman to let him handle the delivery part. Because he is more trust worthy, that they have known each other for so long etc. The fisherman agreed, perhaps due to the drinks or due to the flowery talks.

The primary school friend simply take orders for the fisherman and pass to the delivery company. Jobs still get done as usual but while doing that, he has raised the fish price to $5 in out of town. He gets $1 just for the deal he made. The fisherman gets $1 extra simply by letting his primary school friend take over the delivery part. The delivery company has nothing to loose.

Now it gets really tricky.
What did the primary school friend produces ?
What value has he added ?
What service has he provided ?

You can't say he has done nothing. He is instead smart, creating something from nothing. Is creativity really worth nothing ? He capitalize his relationship into a real asset.

The fisherman gets more value ( money ), the primary school friend earn something, the delivery company didn't loose anything. So theoretically speaking, the primary school friend has added value to the fisherman and himself. So it doesn't really break the law of perfect world.

The smart you may have already spotted the difference.

But at whose price ? Out of town folks used to pay $3 for a fish. $1 for the fisherman, $1 for the manager to make sure fish reach them on time and $1 for the delivery boy. Now the fish is $5! What is the other $2 for ? Well, that has nothing to do with any value received by the people in out of town. That was just a deal made between a primary school friend and the fisherman. The fisherman and the friend gets the whole $2!

Smart yes, add value to one or two persons yes, nothing wrong was done yes .... but whatever the primary school friend did, should NOT be included in the formula of 'PERFECT WORLD'.

In a perfect world, everyone produce something

Sounds familiar yet ? If not, may be you haven't read about Malaysia's GST yet.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

the Magic of GST - reveal !

The 2 sides of GST are shown earlier, one is generally the consumer side who say NO, the other is the government side who say it will be OK.

The "magic" highlighted is everyone pay less and yet the government can earn more, how is that possible ?
First of all, the trick in that statement is 'tax payers'. Malaysia has about 27 millions people, only 1 million is paying taxes. So the rest of the 26 millions people who are NOT paying taxes now will be affected once GST is on. Even your underage kid buy a candy tomorrow, GST would have been included (depends on at which level of the distribution channel). So you "MAY BE" paying less tax, but everyone else in your family will be paying GST. Thats why you pay less tax and yet government can collect more, from people around you.

Secondly, not ALL industries will save money. This is a lengthy strategical discussion but in short; industries who optimize and/or shorten their distribution channels will survive, while others who don't will be dead. ( assuming everyone play fair and nice ). So small boys will die off, big boys will take over their market. Who pay the government more money ? Yes, the big boys. So big boys grow bigger and government gets more $.

Lastly, government doesn't really earn more money, at least not now. You see, the biggest income of the country comes from petroleum and this natural resource is going to end soon ( in less than 10 years ? ) So where else can the government continue to get the money from ? Well, what is the biggest asset of a country ? Its people. So GST will diversify the country's income portfolio. In other words, a country that live on GST income is self sufficient ie. the people are keeping their own country alive. Sounds nice isn't it ? Again, assuming everyone play fair and nice ya.

The panic of general public is only valid if one day we lost the income from petroleum and the similar income is projected into GST directly. I haven't done any calculation yet but I wouldn't be surprise that will be equivalent to 80% GST. So what will happen in coming near future is the increase of GST almost exactly as how it has been done with our petrol prices. May be you will see a GST 95 and GST 97 story ?

Worry no more, the next article will share "what we could do" . . . but before that, we may have to talk about "a perfect world" in order to really understand "what we could do".

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the sides of GST

Actually GST is good, at least in theory. In practice, it could really go either way. And either way could mean good or bad for somebody and not everybody. This has already been proven in many countries who has adopted GST for ages. But one thing for sure, GST gives the government full Flexibility.

Now or in the past, it started with "I will tax this and that". So sales tax, service tax, government tax, custom tax etc. were introduced. With GST, it started with "I will tax everything" except those I give exceptions.

So system wise, GST is also better. Or in another word, GST is more systematic.
Most people may have known the devil of GST from many blog posts by now, but seriously if you look at the topic with a clear mind and NOT just from consumer point of view, you may realize those are really just purely speculation. However, it may still happen but when it does, it is because the consumers ourselves are making it happen. By thinking it might happen.

Interestingly however, not many people know the official GST info. What is the government thinking with regard to GST ?
Got it ?
People who buy will pay less,
people who sell will pay less and
government will have more money.

Interesting or not ? its MAGIC !!

At the end, it really doesn't matter what the big boys are doing. What really matter is what affects you. So forget about agreeing or disagreeing with GST. IT WILL HAPPEN ! You may as well start thinking how to make use of this GST to turn yourself into a part of the HIGH INCOME GROUP.

For that, you may want to check out .... Exempted stuffs

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Post - Write Will For FREE

Pardon my long silence. I am back and starting to clear some of my old drafts. But once I published them, they stay in their own old timestamps and hence not easy to be found I suppose. Below is draft I created in 2009 but only get to release now.

Below are my other drafts, I am no longer sure which is more important than which. Do comment if there is anyone you would like to know more.

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