Sunday, March 15, 2009

mini Budget 2009 ?

I am neither excited nor disappointed with recent mini budget announcement ...

About the $5,000 rebate if you buy new Proton exchanging your 10 year old car, I think the  rebate should be given no matter what car you brought in !  The rules of 10 year old car is really redundant if the government sincerely want to help us.

The right way to boost car sale is to remove all the unnecessary tariff !  Let it be FREE market for all cars !  I am sure the effect is 10 times better than this $5,000 rebates.  Furthermore, it pushes Proton into a REAL reform, perhaps its easier just let Produa take over.

So in short, this $5,000 rebate program will fail miserably.

As for the case asking graduates to go back study since there are no jobs for them anyway ... I cann't say that is bad but it would be much better if he promotes entrepreneurship. 
No jobs means we need to create jobs, not to avoid them.  No money means we need to find new money, not to spend more !

There are 2 ways we can create jobs.  Government initiates Mega Project like KLCC and Smart Tunel, straight away all level of job positions are opened while bringing in new technology and knowledge into our country.  Second is to let all of us ourselves to create job ourselves - be entrepreneurship !  None were mentioned.

Lastly I personally think we shouldn't need all these helps.  I think recession is the best time to throw out the rubbish.  Its the best time to do house cleaning.  Let the dying be dead and let the strong survive !  Many innocent will die yes ... but most of them is due to ignorance !  Ignorance of not saving for the raining days !  Ignorant of not setup automated saving system !  Human by nature don't learn until they have to.  And let now be the 'HAD TO' time ... then all the remaining survivors would have a good strong personal finance culture.


Father Sez said...

I agree that there seems to be no encouragement for entreprenuership, rather it is subsidies to inefficient businesses.

Time will tell, but I feel more and more often that the quality of our decison makers' decisions are deteriorating.


Mt. said...

actually we don't need to wait for time to tell, a real entrepreneur doesn't need to depend on what big boss will announce, real entrepreneur has no boss, remember? :)