Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real Financial Freedom

Almost all people who practice personal finance planning aim to achieve financial freedom.  Although this blog actually will claim that aim is actually a paradox, but in this article lets review what Financial Freedom is, really!

Usually freedom from something means no need to worry for it.  So Financial Freedom means no need to worry about finance in your life.  A big part of finance is money.  So perhaps not too many people disagree if I say financial freedom also implies no need to worry about money on a daily bases.

However, if you really understand money or you have read about my big bang finance theory, then you probably agree money isn't everything.  You cann't eat money, wear it, live in it and even ride on it.  You eat food, wear cloth, live in a house and transport on a vehicle.  Although money does buy food, cloth, house and cars but money by itself is almost no use at all.

So when one says 'no need to worry about money', he actually implies not to worry about what money CAN BUY !

So financial freedom would become "NOT TO WORRY ABOUT" ...

1.  What to eat
2.  What to wear
3.  Where to live
4.  How to get there

which means what you really want are  Food Freedom, Cloth Freedom, House Freedom and Cars Freedom.
I want to be able to do whatever I want,
 whenever wherever however with whomever !

Eventually that may evolves into Time Freedom, Location Freedom etc.

So Financial Freedom could be one term, but what it really means could be very different at a personal level.  What does it really mean to you ?

What do you want to BUY without worries ?

Do you R E A L L Y need money to buy or achieve it ?

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Anonymous said...

you are just running a full circle ,back to beginning.

money is actually a thing that you trade with other people who think "money" is valuable to them, that they going to part with their "stuff" such as asset or services.

to get those asset and services, you must have "money"

Actually I am also running in a full circle actually, just same like you.LOL

Mt. said...

good that u see it that way, there is an old article about circle :)

except the last part, do you "REALLY" need money in order to forget about money ?

Anonymous said...

Good reminder!!!
The color bar for the date is great! Now it looks much better in a page view!

Mt. said...

thkx j

Anonymous said...

cool! cool! cool!
Now I finally able to read this article again, with a total different pov.
U r excellent :)

Mt. said...