Monday, March 16, 2009

The Battle has Begun !!

Everytime recession comes is a cycle where the rich becomes richer and the poor poorer.

At first some of the rich will get kicked out of the rich world and even get killed by the down cycle (as will be discussed in this article or covered in an upcoming FREE ebook, most probably in April ).  Basically those are the not-so-strong apples among the rich.

Then there will also be some shuffles where the Poor or the Average suddenly join the Rich during and after the recession.  These are either the smart or lucky people who spot on the right thing at the right time within this short period.

However, either way ( rich stay rich or poor turn rich ) these future Rich folks achieved it by doing one thing, by leveraging the power of general public, the biggest human network of all time especially in this Internet era.

If you think above sounds good, then let me rephrase it.  These future rich men will further exploit the ignorance of everyone else on personal finance topics, squeeze every single remaining bits from all so that they can stay or turn rich during this down cycle.

Bailing out failing businesses, pumping more money into a proven-ill-money-system are all questionable moves.  And how they do it is even more threathening, by taking resources from you and me - lowering interest rate and massive issue of bonds.

If above claim sounds too global, economical or you think national stuff don't really affect your 'personal' life then lets examine that claim.

Wherever you are in this world now, you have probably already read, viewed and felt the tendency of goverment, big corporation and famous guys convincing you to invest, buy houses and cars.  All kind of incentives are introduced to pursue that.  Basically it says we have to keep the money flowing or else we all die.  So you all should keep investing in forex, buy houses and cars etc.

Rich Dad Poor Dad re-emphasizes on cash flow lately and explicitly use the term, "Don't Save".  Then followed by some fine print in his book asking you to buy properties.  First of all, his word spreads and most people did not really read the whole book.  All they got is "Don't Save" and as a result, they simply spend more money than before recession.  And they didn't really get into any good property investment neither.  His new book title is Conspiracy of The Rich and I have to suspect his book itself is a big Conspiracy !

If you are a Malaysian, likely that now you are thinking to buy a new car because you can get a $ 5,000 rebate from a rotten old car.  You are thinking to buy new property because you can get $10,000 tax deduction.  Even if you don't have the old car to trade in for, all your friends around you talk about it so much that you started to ponder as well.  In addition, tons of great deals are in the market now where you get up to $30,000 saving if you buy certain properties.  Not to mention not too long ago if you simply do nothing, your EPF saving will Automatically be reduced !

Since when saving less and spend more 
is the cure for a recession ?

Keep the money flowing  M E A Ns  keep buying your food and drinks.  Live heathier lifestyle, buy more veggies, less meat.  Drink more water less beer.  Jog in free park, smoke less.  Paint your own wall, fix your own stuff, do more DIY.  Keep the money flowing DOES NOT include keep paying the rich NOR does it mean keep getting more BAD DEBT !!

Keep the money flowing BETWEEN YOU and ME !
  Not OUT OF our circles !  

Doing so can 'probably' fix the recession.  But let your money flow out of our circle 'definitely' digging a deeper grave for yourself.  For every 1,000 of your new graves, perhaps 1 guy will stay rich or a poor guy may turn rich.

The Battle has Begun !  
The Rich has started working.  
The Poor has started fallen into traps.  

This is the time where the Rich needs your help, the Rich is asking the Poor for some money.  Supposingly this is putting the Poor in an upper hand in the game now.  And this happens almost once every 10 years.  This of our current recession right now, is the 10th times.  For your info, all the past 9 times, the Rich always won.  The match wasn't even close, the Rich won one hand down without a fight at all.

This post gets a bit long now, remind me to talk about what the Rich should do if they are really sincere and what we can do to win the game ( Not that we will actually ).  However, in short, your personal finance principals should STAY THE SAME.  All these so called incentives are NO Different than the saleman who sweet talk you in a coffee shop.

The Battle has Begun, you can leave your Poor and join the Rich, you can get killed and you can also help spread these words so that The Poor has bigger chance to win in next cycle.  ( email this article a friend now ! )


Anonymous said...

your article will be more credible , if u name who are "the rich".Although we know who is that, but not all people know that.



Repeat this X1000 times in your head.

Mt. said...

mine is a metaphor.

were yours referring to political parties ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but not so convincing to me

ChampDog said...

How about the average folks? Stay the same after all?

Mt. said...

if the Averages 'already' have the 'right' way to use money, just don't get affected by others, use personal money wisely has NOTHING to do with helping country's economy like a hero ...