Thursday, September 1, 2011

How was my Forex game ?

After setting up my forex game in just 15 minutes, I let the 'winning formula' runs by itself for the past 12 hours.  While I eat, dine and wine as usual.  I have just earned $64 !

First check the Account History to see what your formula has bought and sold for you.  As you can see below, I only win BIG in 1 or 2 trades, most of the other trades are actually losing trades.

This can be seen from below graph too, the formula successfully caught one major down trend.  When the market goes side way, many small loses are made.

So I test the formula again for the past 24 hours

Instead of earning profit for me from 30th to 31st August, this formula now is losing me money if I would have traded from 31st August to 1st Sep.

So was it just pure luck ?

  • Moving Average with those big parameters are meant to catch big trend change and indeed that was what it did exactly.  When market goes smaller side trend, it starts to trade too late and caused loses.
  • So each formula is good at certain condition and until today, there isn't one formula that can cater for all situations
  • The so called world champion strategy has about 48% success rate when left running over a long period of time.
  • But The good thing is now we can test our strategies before we actually enter market.


EARNIC said...

forex is not a play.. it is a trade :)

Michael Tsen said...

in a demo or practice account, its a game.

deposit some real money in then its a trade yes.