Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview request


My name is Michael Tsen. I am a fanatic on personal finance topics. I have been learning and reading personal finance stories since young. In recent years I feel very excited that quite a handful of Personal Finance blog writers are promoting rather interesting and unique point of view that I feel more people should know about. So I thought of an idea to interview the person behind the site. As I like your site a lot, I hope you are kind enough to accept my request to conduct an interview with you.

The interview questions will be slightly uncommon than those 'hello how are you' type of questions. At some instance, some questions may make some people feel uneasy but all questions are strictly professional to bring out the objective - ' to know the person behind the blog '. No personal identification will be sourced other than the blog URL we are interviewing you about. You may choose to 'skip' any question that you do not want to answer and your decision to skip will not be made known.

We will share the joint ownership of this interview script so both parties can publish the content in our respective venues. If you do accept this invitation, please let us know WHEN to send you the list of questionnaires ( 20 questions, free form writing ). We also track the time of the scripts to come back to us as to simulate the actual interview session although it usually take days or weeks.

Thanks and look forward to your favor reply,

Michael Tsen

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