Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to automate trade Forex

After you setup a demo account, test proof a winning strategy, you can let that the system to trade for you automatically.

Make sure Expert Advisor is running ( green color )

Then select the strategy you want to use, right click and Attach to a chart.

Click on Live Trading ( on a practice account )

Make sure the parameters are as what you wanted

Sit back and just watch the system trade for you.

How this demo is setup in 15 minutes
and how much it has earned me in the past 12 hours even without me working on it.


Kris said... lagi adventurous than me :P Forex is high risk high return game than stocks or even futures.

Michael Tsen said...

yes, u got it right. Forex is the no no game for most. If you don't get pass the EA ( Expert Advisor ) part, you should never 'invest' in forex. for the past 6 years, I only allocate 5% to forex despite all the guarantee winning formulas I have developed.

Kris said...

Any secret formulas to share? :P

Just kidding, it would not be a secret anymore if it were shared

Nowadays alot of people play forex, which broker are you using?? Oanda? Or interactive Brokers (IB).

Michael Tsen said...

all 'secrets' lead back to a simple 'truth' but not many want to accept that, ~ the best winning formula can only be as good as 49% ~

the only exceptions are situational bases.

even the example last week has shown that even a simple moving average can work great but not in long run. All formulas will have the same pattern.

was with interbank, now switching to oaanda since I read a report they have the closest spread.