Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview : CP Teh -

Tell us a bit about your childhood and how it affects your today's practice on personal finance ?

CP : Will write this in length in my blog next weekend and copy that to send it to you.

Answer this question without checking or asking for references: If you can remember, what is your Zodiac and Astrology signs ?

CP : Gemini. Goat.

What are the things you like to do during your free time, ie. your hobbies ? And what do you most dislike about ?

CP : Like : Listening to songs/music. Playing with my kids(I have 2). Dislike : Gossiping? Day-dreaming? Haha

What is your favorite colors and numbers ? Any most dislikes ?

CP : Like : Yellow and light blue. Dislike : None

What is your favorite food ? What do you hate most ?

CP : Carrot cake(Chinese) Dislike : Anything related to vege.

If you can meet a person dead or alive, who would that be ? What would you ask him ?

CP : Gandhi. How confident he was using non-violence ways against oppression?

What is the best and worst feeling you have ever had ?

CP : Best feeling … hmm … seeing my kids coming out in hospital(birth). Worst feeling … my dad passed away this year. Anything relating to death such as 9-11 and such. I simply feel sad for those who will miss their loved ones.

What is the last thing you do before go to sleep ?

CP : Silent prayers.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up ?

CP : Checking on market-news. Haha

If you were to build a personal finance portfolio for a young man who has similar life path as yours, what will it be ?

CP : To enlighten him about what it takes to be successful financially by actively motivate his financial-aspect of his brain. No one gave me the guidance when I was young or till 30+, so to make a person REALISE the importance of ‘personal financial control’ is very important.

You met someone in a social party, describe what you do in 2 to 3 sentences.

CP : I seldom to go to party in my whole life(I dislike crowds and many hypocrites there!!). I don’t attend wedding dinners and such except for my siblings. I think if I REALLY attend a party(birthday, house-warming …), I might introduce myself and strike a conversation about stock-market!! Haha

If you are not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing ?

CP : Well, many of things I do plan … I planned to teach Math in colleges since I was form 4. I planned to teach trading(just started!!) way before I even know anything about trading. But, if I m not doing what I am doing now, I might go to AUZ to study marine-biology for interests!!

How much time do you spend on your personal finance blog ?

CP : Averagely 1 to 2 hours per day. At times, more when I want to share something interesting I just read, for example : Is TA rubbish which I just read from your blog!!

What is the main objective of your blog, is it initially profit oriented and who are your targeted blog readers ?

CP : To record my trades, initially. To get some readers with knowledge and kind enough to share a pointer or two so that I could learn from them. So, initially, the blog is my personal diary(as I was a blogger since 10 years ago, relating to my thoughts and personal opinions – I m only writing about stocks in DEC 2007) regarding my LEARNING progress. It still is. The initial target readers are only those few who want to help me. I could not help others back then. It was 2008-2009 and it was bearish!
Nope, my blog NEVER meant to be profit oriented. In fact, only recently … 2 months ago, I placed the advertisements(google, nuffnang) with a help of a blogger friend! Currently, my blog is more of leaning-teaching platform of trading ideas.

What is the biggest achievement your blog so far ?

CP : Huh? I m not sure if it is considered as achievement … but the satisfaction derived from teaching is great. I am in education line for 20+ years. Perhaps this interview is seen as a recognition of ME as a financial-klse-blogger. That could be an achievement for me after 3 years of consistent blogging? Hmm ..

Tell us one URL other than your own that your readers should read about ?

CP : A blog or a site? If it is a blog, then I have recommended a FEW … Dali’s, Alex Lu’s, Alpha Chart’s, CWYeoh’s, TGLee’s. These are much better than my blog. In fact, I have recommended 10 blogs ANYONE should read FIRST … and if they really have nothing to do, they can read my blah-blah stories for pleasure past time purposes!! Haha.

How many more years do you think your blog will exist for and how do you plan to finance your blog forever if planned to at all ?

CP : As long as I still have the desire to share my opinions and learning-teaching, my blog should be there and it should be free. It is sharing of opinions only, anyway. Why should we be financing our blog? Unless blogspot starting to charge me, then I will take my blog private.

The world is big, many people have different point of views and emotions. If you met someone who called you geek, liar, cheaters because you yourself didn't do what you preach, how would you handle them ?

CP : Yes, I do have such readers … I might get upset initially, but I will choose to ignore. Unless the statements used against me have some educational pointers to share with others, it is viewed as distractions and negative noises. Ignore.

What do you think about these interview questions and how this interview session can be improved ?

CP : Hmm … could nt think of any suggestions to improve now. It is also depending on your motives and such.

Would you be interested to meet other finance bloggers in person ?

CP : Yes … Dali, Alex, Remnant, CWYeoh, TGLee, Alpha, Stocktube ... Micheal Tsen? Haha

If yes
Do you smoke ? NO
Do you drink liquor socially ? NO, not even beer. No to alcohol OH.
Are you a coffee lover ? Yes.
Where do you stay and work ? ( Country, State, Region etc.)
I am staying in USJ and working in Subang Jaya. Selangor.

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