Saturday, September 17, 2011

Answers to the 8 toughest retirement decisions

Investopedia has brought up the 8 toughest retirement decisions and here MalPF shares her answers

Q: When to retire ?
A: You can retire ANY TIME by adjusting your lifestyle vs your saving.  Retirement is NOT defined by your country or your financial advisor.  It is an 'action' you can take any time to stop working.

Q: When to withdraw retirement money ?
A: If you Social Security/EPF is generating lower return than your saving/investment, then withdraw them.

Q: Where to live ?
A: Live where you are now, you can move any time you want later.

Q: To continue working or not ?
A: Work on whatever you like.  It should have been that way anyway even before you retire.

Q: Sell the house or not ?
A: If the offer is good or cannot afford repayment anymore, sell it !

Q: How to deal with IRA ?
A: Just follow the rules, minimize the penalty if any.

Q: How to manage investment portfolio ?
A: As is.  You don't just happen to retire suddenly.  How you manage your portfolio before is how you may most probably continue to manage it that way, with some continuous improvement along the way.

Q: How to budget ?
A: If you haven't managed your budget by then, you probably will never be.

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