Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is it so tough to earn from stock market ?

The theory to earn easy money from stock market is one of the simplest theory in this world.  It is proven practical as well when some of the dumpest men on earth has successfully gained from it.  But yet majority of the so called analyst experts fail to predict the market correctly.  Why ?

In order to consistently earn money from an investment, one must KNOW the investment vehicle very well, how it works, the tips and tricks etc.  For example, in stock investment you need to know MOTS, Best Speculatable Price Range, Value a stock worth, trends, strategy to earn despite any movements, stock pick methods, successful trader methods, world influence, fee effect, ...

But in order to CONSISTENTLY earn from stock market, one must NOT follow too closely until emotion takes over the investment strategy.  In order NOT to follow too close, one MUST NOT KNOW about it.

So you must KNOW about it first, 
take action and then
NOT KNOW about it at all 
in order to become a TRUE investor.

It is almost IMPossible to Unlearn something once you learned it, especially when you have found a Winning Formula, it is Darn Tough to forget about something that you think is a sure win strategy, isn't it ?

Well, that's why its tough to earn from stock market ...

The Knowing part is the Science part, it requires a lot of logical thinking and analysis  ... the NOT Knowing part is the Art part.  Try to NOT KNOWing what you already know and you may feel the level of understanding you may need.  ( sorry for the creepy sentence, but its required to deliver the message )

Well, there you go, now you know why most people simply cann't make money from stock market consistently.  Simply because they fail to NOT KNOWing ... or forgot the Art part in stock investment.

Don't worry too much, there is also simple to follow methods to NOT KNOWing ... but thats future topic ...

Ironically enough if you DO NOT KNOW anything to start with but do the SAME Action as if those who know it, then you don't need to try hard to forget anything and yet able to enjoy the same big gain.  Thats why some old dump investors are earning so much better and more consistently than the experts ...

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