Friday, September 3, 2021

What do you look forward to in 2021 Personal Finance ?

Pardon the long silence   ...   A lot had happened other than Covid19 pandemic.  After 21 years marriage my spouse decided to join heaven, had a 9 months stroke and left last year.  Despite being a master planner, it still took a hit myself.  Despite bounce back in no time, my soul still left a dent.

As age catches up, I found myself left out by the technology era.  Does blog still valid ?  Has youtube formula matured up or still evolving ?  Is it time to wind down American eco system and start to adopt China's era tech ?

I still have a lot of contents I could share but I lose out the time to learn new tools and actually spent time creating the content for sharing.  Despite after leaving this blog silence for 10+ years, it still survive by itself so I guess it might still be a good asset to the public.  Hence I am calling out for helps from anyone especially the younger generation who are interested to manage and continue contribute under this blog name

Malaysia Personal

Lastly, just curious what are you looking foward to in Personal Finance nowadays ?   Do share so I could prioritise what content to share.

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