Saturday, October 17, 2020

Which Blockchain did you choose and why ?

In 21st century it is hard to distinguish a financial goal by traditional means; are you investing? trading(speculating)? or just don't want to be left out in Modern Economy? 

 Are you protecting your assets(insurance), saving your "money" or are you investing ? 

What are Modern Economy and what does blockchain got to do with it? 

 Sounds like too many questions to digest at one time, below is just one of the simple summaries (but some may take months/years to digest)

Modern Economy has moved beyond countries, banks and governance.  Most of the digital finances are now are 'more or less' adopting blockchain technology.  Below shows the whole crypto overview at the time of writing;

As you can see, BTC & ETH are used as benchmark while all the rest are categorized under Others.

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