Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Technical Analysis Example : Morning Star

One of the most popular technical graphs used is candle stick.  One of the problems with technical analysis is that there are too many indicators and it is hard to decide which to use.  However, historically some indicators are obviously stronger than others.  Morning Star is one of the strong ones.

See chart below on the red circle, that is a good example of Morning Star.  So for the next 3 days, KNM should be going UP if this Morning Star is proven correct.

Personally I am NOT buying KNM at this point of time.  Technically I can find an excuse that (1) Stochastic blue line has NOT cross up yet ( it means don't buy yet ).  I also believe I may have better (2) chance to get in later (an emotional opinion).  Most importantly, I am (3) NOT able to follow this stock closely for the next 3 days.  So this speculatable profit is not my rice bowl :D


jason said...

I wonder why people speculate on low price stock like KNM.

Michael Tsen said...

I claimed KNM is worth buying at 0.49 back in January. Basically I firmly assure that KNM can give me an average of 15% annual return for the next 10 years base solely on this assessment method. So to me, KNM is one of the very few opportunity that I can speculate however I want while having a safety net that I can keep it for the next 10 years. The only trick is that their finance data seems too good to be true but evidently there is no sign to prove otherwise yet.

Michael Tsen said...

also want to draw your attention to miss conception that low price stock is not so good stock, try check this post out ... http://www.malpf.com/2009/01/all-stock-prices-are-not-created-equal.html