Tuesday, May 12, 2009

KLCI 20090512 update

KLCI performs as expected as last Friday's update, so I may need to adjust my dead cat bounce theory if it really bounce back this Wednesday(1002) or Thursday(1007).

However, it doesn't mean waiting is the only game you can play.

Normally you wouldn't be buying KLCI directly, you would just buy ONE particular stock - ONE very specific business.  So technically there is always an opportunity to buy/sell any stock.  Its just a matter of if you can find it.

For example, KNM is going to converge to 0.83 on Thursday 14 May (see below blue lines).  How it move ( above or below ) would be very interesting for those who follow technically ( at least it should).   But from experience, my bet is on side track below the support line.

until Meningitis (Melaka) or Swine flu officially lauched wars on Malaysia.

So by now, my previous sales made on KNM is another example of sell-too-early example.  But I wouldn't change any of my investment strategy due to this event alone.

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