Friday, May 15, 2009

Best Companies in Malaysia

I read from Dali's blog on some numbers of voted best managed, corp governance, investor relation, dividen companies in Malaysia.  Basically they asked the expert analysts to vote for the company they think best in each category.  The company who receive most number of votes is considered the winner in that category.  For example, 36 analysts voted Public Bank as the Best Managed Company

To sum the whole report up, I further come up with a few derived numbers;

1. How many times a company is voted in that particular group.  The more the better.
2. Total number of votes received.  The more the stronger the choice is.
3. Sum of the ranking in all 4 categories, the less the better.

Sort these derive numbers and I ended up with this unify choice of best companies in Malaysia.

There you go, this is another example of stock pick method.  From here onward, you just need to calculate the worth of each company stock.  If the current price is lower than your target price, you are in the buy zone.  Use technical analysis for further fine tune the entry timing.  However, don't follow too close and get greedy because Technical Analysis wouldn't be able to predict the lowest and top point correctly.

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