Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mahathir also dislike Forex ?

Read from chedet (english version) on mata wang, is he refering to Forex ?

But from the way he is 'accusing' today's world finance model including hedge funds shows that Tun M. is STILL in a denial mode.  Despite how bad hedge fund and forex CAN BECOME, but the finance tool itself is not at fault.

I hope Tun M will read my 3 parts money turns evil stories one day.

Its already a FACT hedge fund is overtaking mutual fund, its also a fact the forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world.  Its just like long ago, we didn't need money when we did the barter exchange thing.  But eventually 'Money' became a fact of life although till today theoritically its NOT really needed if we Human are perfect.

Its also like a fact that value of money is NO longer tight to Gold.  Gold is limited, currency is not.  Despite how bad it is, its already a fact for many years.  Despite it almost melted down the whole western finance world, its going to come back as it was.

So its a fact that Human are not homogenius, keeping the good for Everyone is NOT our priority but keeping the good for Ourselves is.  Many still think Everyone = Ourselves and there is where the paradox lays.

HATING hedge fund and forex blindly is NOT any better than LOVING them blindly.  Both are idiots and will only continue contribute wealth to the rich.  Its only a matter of doing it directly or indirectly.

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