Monday, October 25, 2021

TOP 1 Malaysia Life Insurance "MOBILE" search in Oct 2021

 In contrast to the web search, the mobile search on Malaysia Life Insurance yield a different results and there is only ONE winner !

  1. Great Eastern
  2. AIA
  3. Sunlife
  4. Etiqa
  5. Prudential
  6. Allianz
  7. Manulife
  8. AXA
  9. HLA
As some have already been covered in Top 5 Web Seach, here we will cover the other 4 in red


1st shows online insurance, talk to someone or login.  A good mobile top view.  If someone miss that, the subsequent is a drop down box linking to calculator, enquiry, buy online and agents enquiry which I think is also great.  Below that is a lifeline highlighting what your main concerns might be if you are 20s, 30s, 40-60 etc.

Click on online insurance shows 6 plans with clear and precise naming; takaful plans ends with an -i
  • eSsential - covers Death, TPD from 50k to 500k
  • eCritical - covers a few key critical illness related to lifetyle from 50-250k
  • eMedicare - offers hospitalisation daily inome from RM 100 to RM 200
Rates can be obtained instantly online 


Shows over simplify marketing messages wasted valuable screen space, shows 5 plans after that.  PruTerm is standard term while Premier has the flexibility to choose from 5 to 63 years terms.  All info is not much helpful, their goal is to talk to someone but the contents do not invite so.


1st view tells us "What is Insurance" which is a waste of screen space.  Manulife focus on terms and hows 3 terms plans.  No useful info is provided and they wanted us to talk to them but no content raise my urge to do so at all.


Top view notify us a branch is moving but how many web visitor cares about Bukit Mertajam?  Then a video takes over the rest of the view.  Scroll down shows Buy Online and Get Covered Immediately which is a good catchy key words - follows by 3 plans.  

Click on the plans, select age, gender and area concerns me the most then the page is not found.


Hands down no comparison at all Sunlife wins all even to GE and AIA; especially in term of clarity, transparency and simplicity.  

but Sunlife site has a very weird behavior, the 1st time you visit their site it will show no found but just browse again and their contents will show up ...

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