Monday, May 2, 2016

There is NO SUCH THING as Passive Income

By now, the word "Passive Income" is so Overrated !!

Some even are promoting it as Get Rich Scheme where you don't need to do anything and yet you are able to earn income for FREE !!

from some findings on the meaning of  PASSIVE : it says ~
not participating readily or actively; inactive:
not involving visible reaction or active participation: 
Contrary to above, no matter what kind of income you are getting, you would definitely require some form of active participation to make it happen or at least to get it started in the beginning;  and contrary to the meaning of passive, whatever smart income you have generated would have anticipated very clear and precise vision on the reaction or expected results even from the very beginning.

Hence, the intention of writing a book titled above is born!

The book will preach about Smart Income instead.

  • It will list out some of the popular passive income methods, discuss on what works and what not in today's society, and for those that works, how to make them works even better 
  • then it moves on to what most would normally never considered as passive income, and how it can also be turned into a form of Smart Income contributing positively to the success of your very own personal finance
If your concepts, ideas, writing or comments are used in the book, the net income from the publication will be shared with you as long as you leave us a contactable method.

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