Friday, April 29, 2016

Quantshare - Stock

Quantshare is a software that allows you perform technical analysis on stock market movement.

As far as I know, it is very powerful because it allows you to select any stock markets in the world and create your own "trading components".  As it has been around for a while, you could easily find any stock markets data to download and also many "trading components" that other people have created.

You could try use it FREE for 14 days if not mistaken.  Download it, try it and let me know your experience in comments below.

If you are interested, you could post an article here about how to download and use it for Bursa Malaysia and which trading items you have chosen.

If someone could help dig out who is behind Quantshare, do share too, thanks a lot in advance !!


Anonymous said...

How much is the paid version?

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your expertise and information with us. It helped me understand and gain an insight into the topic of introduction to non housing finance