Monday, July 25, 2011

Malaysia Best Rates 2011 July 25 Update

Fix Deposit

Affin Bank still offers the highest 3.6% for 12 months. 3.1% to 3.35% is common with all other banks. 1 month FD is mostly at 3% to 3.05%. Most of the foreign banks continue to offer lower FD rates.

Base Lending Rate

Most banks offers 6.6% now except JP Morgan Chase offers the lowest at 6.2%.

Saving Accounts

The Bank of Nova Scotia offers 2.05% while Bangkok Bank and Bank of Tokyo offers 2%

CIMB Air Asia Saver Account offers 1.6%

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Car Loan

Maybank continues to offer the lowest car loan rate starting from 2.7%. However, this is NOT a standard rate apply to all applicants. The actual rate can range up to 4.3%. Alliance bank on the other hand offers 2.8% to 3% which may be a better deal in general sense.

Bank Muamalat offers 2.85% for both New and Used cars but it requires an admin charges of RM600.

CIMB offers 3.25% for used cars.

Don't forget Car Loan rate is Fix Term Rate
which is effectively a MUCH HIGHER
than variable term rate
like House Loan and Fix Deposit.

House Loan

There are too many factors in considering a good house loan, so we don't think its fair to simply summarize them here.

Our advice is to source for at least 3 offers, preferably a mix of local and foreign banks.


Mt. said...

a note from a friend ...

mbsb FD rate is 4.7% for 5 yrs, and saving rate is >2%

but i read somewhere it's not guaranteed by PIDM

ChampDog said...

What if withdraw within 5 years?