Saturday, November 6, 2010

value for money - linear or exponential ?

Value for Money ( short for V4M ) is basically how much values you get from the money you paid. It is often irrelevant how much is the price of an item or service. Whether or not a person pay for something is simply because of how he perceives the values he is getting.

If a person perceive values more than its price, he would paid for it !
If a person perceive values less than the price, he would NOT paid for it.

There are 3 types of V4M perceptions. This article will cover 2.

Linear model of V4M is basically thinking all features are alike. Hence for every feature the person is looking for, he would be willing to pay some price for it. But if a particular feature is substantially higher price, he would think its NOT worth it.

For example, a person is looking for a phone that has Wifi feature and cool-look feature. A typical wifi phone may cost him $500, a cool looking wifi phone may cost $2,000. A linear V4M guy will go for the typical Wifi phone.

Exponential type of V4M model describes a person who values most on perfection. He understands that many providers can easily give an average services / products but it is very rare for a provider to provide a perfect solution. Hence he is willing to pay any price for one particular feature especially when such feature is not easily available elsewhere.

An exponential V4M guy would have go for the cool looking wifi phone as per above example.

One will always find Linear V4M guy a FRUGAL person. He analyses well before making a purchase. He may go for 2nd hand goods as long as they still work well. Such a person is always the next door millionaires whom you never knew.

Exponential V4M guy on the other hand is the high society type of person. The only way he can sustain his life style is by being filthy rich. His perception on values is also the main driving force for him to stay rich. Such a person is always a very high cash flow fellow but often unable to retain a net profit.

There is no right or wrong in either V4M models. But it is important for you to recognize your own V4M model and then focus on living that life. Problems arise when an exponential V4M model guy thinks he is frugal OR when a linear v4M model guy keeps over pay.

What is your V4M model ?


ChampDog said...

Linear model, I think or probably I'm the third type.

Mt. said...

interesting, what's the 3rd type ? sometime linear sometime exp ? :)

Car Loan Calculator said...

interesting, i guess i'm the 3rd type~

Mt. said...

that is what make us 'normal' and 80% of the population - the 3rd type :)