Thursday, August 19, 2010

Economy Politic Finance Quadrant

There are 2 BIG main external factors affecting our investment decisions
  • Economy
  • Politic
When the time is really bad (economy downturn and politically unstable), its best to park your money under something that is really stable, ie Gold. Which is by definition usable anywhere you go in anytime.

When its good time, invest direct to the stock market would yield very good return.

When the economy is not so good in a strong country, the government bonds or related money market would be able to yield higher return than just gold.

However, the most dispute solution in good economy unstable country is investment in property. This is mainly due to easier rental and higher chance of capital gain.

By simply moving money around depends on the political and economy situation, one was able to achieve more than 12% compound return for the past 20 years. That is equivalent to a 10X return.

But by no mean this is easily done. Some of the concerns include;
  • how would one know exactly when economy/politic turns good/bad ?
  • is Gold the ONLY option ?
  • property may not easily liquidated
  • how to choose which property or stock market ?
. . . which can be explored further.


ChampDog said...

Malaysia is in which state now?

Mt. said...

malaysia has 13 states :)

ChampDog said...

Opsss... typo. Which stage I meant? :)

Mt. said...

haha, i know, i was just pulling legs. i think we have been in stock time for a few months now. economy will continue to be boosted so even if politic become unstable in a couple of years to come so property is in light too.

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