Sunday, September 5, 2010

East will take over West in ... 2020 ?

G7 are the 7 countries who have been dominating world finance since 20th century. Most of them are from Europe and North America, plus Japan.

However, most would have known by now that some of them are no longer as great as they used to be in this 21st century.

So E7 comes about where generally people think a new economical forces will emerge out taking over G7, they are (China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey).

According to chart below, E7 will take over G7 in 2020.

There are also stories that says this will happen in 2050. Either way, generally people expect E7 to take over G7 in due time.

However, the fact is that will NEVER happen.

What will happen instead is that 1-2 G7 members may drop out from the list because they fail to make a come back despite how hard they try. Like wise 2-3 E7 members never make it to the bar, hence E7 will NEVER be formed.

At the end, there may be a G11 formed, which has nothing to do with G7, G8 and G10.

G11 is seamlessly integrated among themselves with latest technology. Forex and logistic are no longer issues a small business owner need to worry about among these G11 member countries.


ChampDog said...

Thanks for sharing this information! :) I"m suprised Indonesia is part of the E7.Would Malaysia be part of the G11?

Mt. said...

not even close, sorry :(