Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What can I do when bully by the Big Boys ?

Some of the most read articles here is when some of the big finance institutions' bad intentions are exposed.

Like wise, Robert's "Conspiracy" and a few other gurus who talked about how sick today's finance systems are, also receive major big hits. Its just fun, eye opening and jaw dropping to learn these news!

So what can we do about it ? Robert's suggestion is to join the big boys playing the debt game and his instrument is property investment. Obviously that is not the 'solution'. That is just him sharing what he does best. Unfortunately property investment is NOT an instrument that can be used by mass market ( everyone ). Just take a statistic of all Robert's subscribers and see how many get what they want. Do pay attention to his early franchisees results.

One of the concepts preached by this site is Scoping. For example;

It is important to understand that Income is a pre-requisite of Personal Finance but NOT a part of it. Hence it does NOT matter how much you earn, you should have a good Personal Finance Profile.

Personal Finance is personal, its NOT economy, its NOT company finance etc. Its just You.

So no matter what is happening around you, if it didn't affect you. You just read, learn and have some fun cursing them. If some of the big boys did bully you, stay cool, play victim contacting them and minimize damage as soon as possible before stay away for good.

It may sound sad or passive but its really not. Its just about being smart and get things done. When the big boy forces you to pay RM50 credit card fee, you can stop the credit cards. When EPF wants to scam your home loan money, you can choose lump sum payment. When government tricks your EPF, you can submit request to continue contribute maximum. It is as straight forward as that.

Get the scope right that your personal finance is all about you. Do something for yourself first. Then when you still feel like wanting to do more for the greater self. Then by all mean, gather a group, sign a petition, run a parade whatever etc. But that is NOT your personal finance duty. Its the greater you. Don't let the greater you ruin your personal finance. Because the journey of greater you is long and tedious. You will need multiple recharges before you reach the end of the journey. And keeping the scope clear will allow your personal finance to comfort and pamper you along the journey.


Ian Kree said...

Thank you for sharing these info. I've read all the links (blog postings) here.

TheCurious said...

All in all, be an informed consumer.

ChampDog said...

I like the following statement:
"Personal Finance is personal and it is just You."

Kris said...

Even simpler stuff..just make sure you put the "X" on the correct side on the ballot paper. :)

Mt. said...

Thank you for all the comments, good encouragement, good summary and good political advertisement, hee hee hee ....