Monday, November 3, 2008

where to get EPS, PE ?

Where to get historical data like EPS and PE you used in your stock valuation example ?

1.  As I think buying stock is like buying a business, where is the best place to get information about the business before I invest into it ?  Yeap !  From the business owner itself !  If the current business owner is NOT able to give you the data you ask for, probably this business is not the one you should invest in.  I was searching for Genting data and within 1-2 minutes, I got this link

2.  All companies listed in stock exchange needs to submit their financial data periodically, so you could also obtain all listed companies data from your stock exchange, ie. KLSE.  Some may not have it online but most definitely have compiled a publication and sell them at a small fee.

3.  If you trade stocks using brokers, online trading site etc.  You should ask for these data from them too.  All these form part of the services you get and why you pay the fees for.

4.  Some business news web site provide some data too.  I was searching for Genting from The Star and this is what I get

Sometimes I get the data from different sources to cross check their data too.

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