Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who collapse World Economy ?

Most may have sensed that the world economy is changing.  Western world ability to print money (Monopoly game?) used to be the ultimate finance power but now this method is seriously in doubt.  Most blame USA central bank for this sad event but malpf thinks that actually Robert Kiyosaki has caused this.

If we rewind about 10 years back, no one really question about USA finance system.  As a matter of fact, everyone else in the world want to be friend with the giant.  After Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert at that time has already started telling the public ( USA citizens mostly ) NOT to SAVE as your Government has NO MONEY pay you back ...  Soon after that, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet joined in the 'finance education' arena.

USA's finance system has evolved for a century now.  It is an open secret how deceiving it is but yet it continues to grow bigger and bigger.  Because the system will work as long as 80% of the people are dump enough to continue pay their money to the 20% riches.  But comes 21st century with Robert's popular education, the 80% public now knew how dump they were now that they are still poor, everyone stop funding USA finance system now.  Hence no matter if USA does QE1, QE2 ... QE6, it is much harder to get the 80% of public to play the same game anymore.

The reason the world economy cannot revive as fast as it should be is because the public has lost faith in it.  Why do public NOW lost faith in it ?  Well, a large part of it is thanks to great finance educators like Robert Kiyosaki.

Western finance system may be deceiving but just like any magic show, the magic is fascinating as long as 80% of the audience don't know the secret.  But once everyone know the secret, who want to watch the show anymore ?

USA was the magician
Robert broke the secret wide open
No one want to watch anymore

Is this a good thing ?  Malpf is not sure.  You see, when one magic show ends, another one should come up soon.  Else we do not want to watch any more magic show no more.  Robert is a teacher.  He taught everyone to be aware.  Awareness is a good thing.  But stopping the show without a replacement is a bad thing.

How about you ?  Who do you think has collapsed USA economy ?


ChampDog said...

Could it be the Robert Kiyosaki is also running another magic show which we do not aware of?

Forgetfulworm said...

Agree with ChampDog. Many secret of old magic has been broken, but yet there are pretty of new magic shows going on out there. Since America is the magician, she will come out with a new magic to replace the old one. This is the rule of the world: after the old one leave, there is always a new one to replace.

Michael Tsen said...

Robert and I are pretty much trying to pull a new magic shows to the world now ... we don't know what it is called yet, but its based on 'openness, transparency and honesty' :D

Mary said...

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