Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some data on Malaysia Property

First of all, Malaysia property is one of the cheapest in the region ... so smaller foreign property investors ( less than 10 millions) who are interested in this region may be interested in us.

Our rent is also low ... so its rather easy to rent a place and start business here. So this means its rather easy to rent out your property ... especially if you explore with foreign business men.

The interesting part is our rental yield is quite high at 8.86%. This is actually common in developing countries. This ... however ... will go down in years to come.

This one is similar to rental yield but just shown in a reverse manner. This means you will get back your total investment rather fast in Malaysia.

The cost of both buying and selling is low too. But this usually subject to other terms and conditions like different fee imposed on different sale period.

In the past 5 years, Malaysia property has risen more than 14%

But the whole of last year is almost stagnant.