Sunday, January 31, 2010

Malaysia Personal Finance - Part 2 Amanah Saham

It was mentioned before that EPF in Malaysia is one of the best things that happens to ones personal finance, because it saves automatically even before you can lay a hand on your money - the main principal of Automated Saving System - ASS.

But not everyone works for someone. Or if your employer does not contribute his part, it makes EPF so much less interesting. So a government's mutual fund is born - Amanah Saham Nasional. If you are not eligible for EPF, you can still save in Amanah Saham.

Despite many disputes and diverse understanding on what Amanah Saham is or should be, one cannot deny that our poverty rate has indeed improved. The gap between rich and poor did narrow down since 50 years ago. That's the power of mutual fund, despite how wrong or how right the reason is when one save in mutual fund, all will be sharing the same return.

A government supported fund is even better for those who don't know what it is. As long as the 'government' is there, your money is protected.

So as far as value growing is concerned, that is pretty much what Malaysia government has done for your personal finance. There is an EPF and there is an Amanah Saham. If you are not adopting any of these tools, you are pretty much all on your own.

Part 2 - Amanah Saham

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