Sunday, May 26, 2013

Investing on Foreign Land Conversion

Have you ever been approached by investment opportunity on a piece of land oversea ? It usually goes like this ...
Land is limited, population is growing.  So investing on land is a low risk high return opportunity;  Especially on an island . . . but why oversea and how its a better investment ?
  • more structure and well organized land & property legislation 
With better laws in foreign country, one can be more assured in his land investment is being protected in terms of benefits and interest safe guards compare to your own country which may otherwise affected by cronism or corruption.
  • steady and growing population - usually a developed nation
Here the demand is being taken care of.  If the people in your country is leaving the country, then there may not be any more demand to your land in future.
  • tax free or exemption
Normally a country would love some money coming in from oversea, hence they may offer attractive tax incentive.  So investing on land oversea could actually become cheaper than investing land in your own country.
  • Land Conversion
To make the return more attractive, land investment is usually tight to conversion.  For example, the land was initially for farming purpose.  But as population grows, the land is to be converted to residential area.  Once converted, the value of the land usually increase drastically.  However conversion like this requires expertise planning and professional services.
So should you invest into an opportunity like this ?  

Says there is an offer on a piece of land near London where this farmland will be converted into a residential area in the next 5 years.  The offer is GBP 13 to GBP 16 per square feet.  Assume the buying process is simple and legal where you only need to deal with a local public company approved by your local government.  Buying process is as simple as using your credit card and checks writing.  Total investment could be as small as 1,000 sq ft.

Will you buy into this offer ?  What are that factors that will affect your decisions ?

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