Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Malaysia Lowest Stock Brokerage Fee

MPlus Online and ECMmoney offers the lowest brokerage fee @ 0.08% for cash upfront account.  MPlus offers even lower rate @ 0.05% if you have more than 30k balance.

Follows by Hong Leong, Jupiter Online, OSK 88  who offers 0.1%

I have been using Jupiter but I am paying 0.45%.  I forgot why I pay so much, perhaps its because I am an Elite member who obtain extra trading info !?  My effective fee cost is actually 0.6% and below.

I tried to switch to CIMB but not successful due to their systems are not easy to use.  I stay with Jupiter mainly because I can trade from my android phone.

Have you used any of above brokers ?  Are they good ?

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MK - don't know much, want to learn more said...

i've used both Maybank & HLeB, seen RHB's, CIMB's and OSK's.

Currently sticking with HLeB coz:
a. My effective total cost is about 0.38%+ per transaction when i execute any transactions $4K and above (er.. if memory serves me right lar heheh i usually do more than that)

b. $ in the account gets me "FD-like rate"%. Well, not 12 months' tenure FD, more like monthly

c. The platform is ExcelForce - ok lar BUT it is the HLeB's Helpdesk team (Hi Elizabeth, Alawiah, Abilene, Boey & Sue) and brokerage team (Hi Mr Ngo) which makes the OOOMPH! for me.

Every email i sent gets responded too within an hour or faster.

Heck, even a newbie like me for foreign trading gets helped out directly over the phone by the broker in-charge, Mr Ngo.

Note - i'm just a happy customer yar, NOT a shareholder nor staff of HLeB :P