Sunday, February 19, 2012

21st century personal finance trap

Do you know Gabriel ?  'G'abriel actually represent  'god' within MalPF world.

  • He worked for less than 10 years
  • Then he runs some businesses for about 13 years, some of them making loses
  • Yet he retires at 42 and live happily ever after (details)
The trick is . . .
 there is no trick.  You have to live your life as the life itself.  Don't ever forget what you really want, don't ever get confused by the money figures.  There are many ways to achieve what you want or need other than using money.  ( what do you mean ? )
There is an increasing trend of young people retiring early.  While it may seems like a great personal finance trend.  But that will soon become the 'new' personal finance trap of 21st century !

A 30-year-old man who only uses $500 expense but with passive income of $999 may thought he is financially free.  But he will find himself caught at middle age crisis when he realizes his $999 is no longer enough and yet he can NO LONGER find a job after his 10 years rest.

A blogger who earns enough for his living may thought he is financially free.  But in less than 3 years of resting he has to make more multiple streams of income to stay 'retire'.  Just as when he thought he has written enough books, he found himself writing another one.  At the end, his so called passive income turns out to be really an active income.  

Gabriel part 3 story tells it all.  Not many people caught the warning the last time, so herein I re-write this again . . . beware, if you think you are already financially free, think again, if you haven't lay down your figures on a paper, you may have just been living in your own dream that you built for yourself - and that is no where near real life.


ChampDog said...

Nice one. Hopefully I won't fall into this trap.

Michael Tsen said...

why ? You haven't put the figures on the paper yet ? Still on 'high level' plan ? Don't worry bro, you are doing just fine ...