Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get ALL Your Tax back . . .

Visit http://howmuchtaxcanisave.co.cc/

Lets say this year your gross income is $20,000 ( about $ 1,700 a month ), you may start to pay tax.  ( about $10 a month ).

Click the extend + sign to see everything.  Then think of which item is relevant to you.  For below case, this guy can

  • buy a life insurance of $ 3,800
  • buy $500 magazines
  • buy a $2,000 PC 
Make sure keep all the receipts and the receipt dates show 2011.  Then comes 2012 when you are filing your tax, you can get back all your tax deducted by your company !!

The web site is just an estimator or for fun or for educational purpose only.  Your actual tax plan and figures may subject to your very own unique condition.  Do consult a proper tax consultant or IRB is providing FREE advices when it is near tax submission date.

Enjoy !!


nelson*maryanne said...

My wife used to be malaysian but is now Australian, SO ALL INCOME IS FROM AUSTRALIA. Her father died and left her some few shares (11) in a logging company based in Penang. She gets a yearly 1100 ringgit FROM THAT COMPANY, which gets MALAYSIAN taxed at 25%, thus RM275 comes out as tax and she never sees it. CAN SHE GET HER TAX BACK?? NELSON

nelson*maryanne said...

My wife would like relief from malaysian 2011 income tax for a non-malaysian non-resident. She gets 1100 RM a year from timber shares her (formerly Malaysian) father left her as an inheritance.