Friday, September 4, 2009

Rich Dad : The Best 20th century Personal Finance

Just want to make sure that you know Robert has a site that teaches people all about personal finance for FREE, it is one of the most comprehensive resources as well ... its called RichDadWorld.

Even if you don't like this old type of personal finance concepts, you should still sign up and browse through the resources briefly. Its a good way to counter check if you have missed anything. Its almost a guarantee you can find some eye opener concepts there or some key concept you already knew but forgot.

Basically it says you record down how much you earn and spend then set a goal and achieve what you really want in life.

Some may ask why is this called last century's methods ? Well, lets look at some facts ...

1. Starting such an exercise is exhausting
2. Keep doing until it becomes a habit is even tougher
3. 90% or Most people WILL NOT be able to do it
4. The Rich didn't really do this before they become rich
Come on, lets face it, as much as I personally a great fan of Rob, his first book is all about his passion. Dying to share what he has done right especially in property investment. Since then, all other works he did are all about business. So for NOW, if you ever approach Rob hoping him to change your life, keep your fingers cross. His aim is in expanding his bussiness. With that note, it is still SUPERB to work something out with Rob if what you have in mind is 'business'.

Ok, I felt bad already making such a comment. So lets add another positive note. Among all the Riches in the world, Rob is the ONLY person I know who are willing to share his failure openly. May be you need to buy him a few more beers before he opened up but relatively he did open up so much more willingly than .... and the person who is so scare to share his faiulre - Mr. Trump.
With the above 4 points, I mark his site a 20th century personal finance. The only thing missing from 20th century personal finance to 21st century is psychology. Intuitively human are lazy, when not paying attention and close focus, we tends to always choose the easiest path. 21st century personal finance is all about securing a solid personal finance without trying too hard ... by using the right ways ( easiest and laziest path possible ).

Lastly I need to re-emphasize ... there is nothing wrong with 20th century personal finance. Here comes another fact ... if you can do all things mentioned in 20th century personal finance persistently, you are almost "guarantee" a success in your personal finance. However, statistically only 10% of the people would be able to make it. If you think you are the 10%, by all mean go do it! Another great point is ... there is really nothing to lose. Even if one day you found out you are not the 10%, its perfectl OK! You have gained a superb experience. Then it is still not too late to explore 21st century personal finance ... after all, there are 91 years for your to catch up ....


ChampDog said...

Free one, really? Cool... Is this his official website?

Btw, I heard before the audio version while he & Trump giving some motivation talks together. I have to admit that Trump did a way better job than him (motivation talk perspective).

Michael Tsen said...

Trump has the charisma of talking big, relatively bob is more down to earth.