Sunday, December 14, 2008

Book : Top Money Tips for Malaysians by

I am one of the lucky ones who started finance planning even when I was a teenager.  Ofcourse when I put my money into mutual funds at that time, I didn't really know what I was doing.  However, starting early does give me a strong advantage 10-20 years down the road.  I was able to choose the jobs that suits my long term plan;  I was able to change job duties within a multi national company; I was able to change job at my own pase and finally I was able to start my business without too much worry of losing monthly salary income.

However, the curse for this kind of 'smooth path' people is that we tends to stay in the 'well plan' zone too long until we get carry away.  We 'thought' we are all ok and therefore we got relax and start to make some fatal mistake in our personal finance plans.

That is the good thing about reading habit.  I realize my pitfall when I read kclau latest book "Top Money Tips for Malaysians".  There are so many tips in there that I once know but forgot to practise them ...

You can view more details at kclau's blog or buy a copy from me at this link.


FeelCheated said...

Don't waste your money buying this book like me!

I bought this book two days ago in MPH and only find that almost 70% to 80% of the content is available online at the author's blog : You just need to spend a little more time to read the blog posts. What's the point to spend RM29.90 then ?

I am so regret that now I want to sell this book. Anyone interested pls leave your message here.

Michael Tsen said...

u can resell it out at ebay, lelong or mudah ... there are some urls suggested in the book itself too.

sorry to hear what you feel, I guess its true that its not easy for a blogger to publish a book that has 'totally' different content. I was thinking its just a matter of getting all the content in one book, which is quite convenient to me ....